About Cannabidiol Life

Our team member directory was put together for a couple of reasons. We wanted to offer our customers and clients complete transparency (something you don’t find in the hemp/CBD industry).

This is your cordial invitation to learn more about us and become a part of the Cannabidiol Life Family!


From day one, we have always put our customers first. Actually, on day one (December 7, 2016), we didn’t even have the possibility of obtaining customers because we chose CBD education before CBD profits. 11 months go by and we still hadn’t sold a single product…

We accomplished something incredibly more valuable.  Cannabidiol Life proudly created the world’s first all-in-one CBD education website. Our first 11 months of research resulted in 115 pages of CBD education!

  • 13 CBD Product Guides that explained what the product was, how to take it, the benefits, the effects, best practices, and where to buy.
  • 52 Health Condition-Specific Articles that explained to readers how and if CBD could help them with their condition.
  • 50 State-Specific Pages that explained the legalities of CBD in every state with several unique government links that would forward our readers to their particular state laws concerning hemp-derived products.

This huge accomplishment gave every human being the ability and opportunity to make educated CBD product purchases moving forward.


Our First Product

We launched our first product, CBD Gummy Bears, on October 15, 2017.  Coincidentally, to this day, this product is still our #1 Best Seller. Since that wonderful day, Cannabidiol Life has proudly shipped over 50,000 orders nationwide! 


Accomplishments & Cherished Milestones

  • In 2017 (before we sold products that later became a conflict of interest), Cannabidiol Life was honored by the National Hemp Association and was used as their recommended resource for “CBD Education & Product Guides.
  • In 2018, Cannabidiol Life won “Best CBD Capsules” in the nation awarded by CBDExpo.net
  • In 2019, Cannabidiol Life was invited to the World CBD Awards in Barcelona, Spain for being nominated for the following:
  • In 2020, Cannabidiol Life became the 2nd United States-based CBD brand to register and certify CBD oil products with the Brazilian Government
  • In 2021, Cannabidiol Life became the 1st United States-based CBD brand to register and certify CBD Capsule products with the Peruvian Government


Living in service of others is the rock we chose to build our home on, and rest assured, that will never change. Our specific formula to our continued success is and forever will be “The 3 P’s” (see below).

Our Foundation: The 3 P's


  1. PEOPLE – Take care of people first and always.
  2. PLANET – Take care of our planet. Hemp is a renewable, natural resource that can help preserve our planet for future generations if we utilize it as soon as possible and use it to its fullest potential.
  3. Only after these two have been addressed, can we truly PROFIT


Cannabidiol Life Humanitarian Work

  • Hemp for Hope Foundation INC. (HHF)
    • a non-profit organization that donates a years’ supply of free CBD products to individuals who have a verifiable and debilitating medically diagnosed condition.
    • Starting on July 1, 2021, Cannabidiol Life will begin donating $1 for every order placed on the Cannabidiol Life website
    • Public Charity Status: 509(a)(2)
    • HHF Website is currently under construction and plans to launch October 1, 2021

Our Purpose & Our Promise To You

At Cannabidiol Life, we aren’t against traditional medicines, but we do believe from our extensive research and studies in the potential healing power of a natural, nature-producing plant, known as CBD (cannabidiol); along with its full entourage of cannabinoids.

Our site exists to be a CBD education outlet as well as an online webshop where CBD buyers are GUARANTEED SATISFACTION or their money back.


Cannabidiol Life cannot be compared to any other CBD company because almost every step of our extraction process is Patented.  That, coupled with several other trade secrets that we refuse to Patent in fear of other CBD manufacturers stealing our highest-level of extraction standards, WE PROMISE THAT YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT CHOOSING CANNABIDIOL LIFE.

If for some unforeseen reason you disagree with this commitment and promise we made, simply return your unused product and we’ll send you a refund. 

There is a 0% risk and a 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction when you buy CBD products from Cannabidiol Life.

CLICK HERE to learn what makes us so unique. 

Experience The Difference. 

Meet Our Team

Picture Of Christopher Visser (Chrisryviss) Christopher Visser - Owner &Amp; Ceo Of Cannabidiol Life

Christopher Visser

Owner / President

Zachary Keeney Coo Cannabidiol Life

Zachary Keeny

Chief Operations Director

Jennifer Jellison - B2B Director Of Cannabidiol Life

Jennifer Jellison

B2B Relations Director

Eleyna Smit Warehouse Manager Cannabidiol Life

Eleyna Smit

Warehouse Manager

Hannah Crawford Cannabis Cbd Author

HannahRenee Crawford

Social Media/Customer Service Director & Author

Leeanna Arnold Assistant B2B Director For Cannabidiol Life

LeeAnna Arnold

B2B Relations Assistant Director

Ben Vongrabe Shipping Handling Cannabidiol Life

Ben Von Grabe

Shipping & Handling